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FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS are moving experts of household goods, personal effects, and offices (furniture, office equipment, servers, documents, paintings, artwork). Fw have broad experience, which begins already from the time when professional services of moving household effects, personal belongings, and office furniture were not known in the Baltic States – our team of professionals has gained during this time the most extensive experience in moving the private belongings from and to apartments, houses and other residences. We are moving every day and know how to do it best.


Entire spectrum of packing materials is available for us – we are fully ready to securely pack any of your items. Our range of services has no limits – we can accomplish all of your wishes and requirements – if you require, we can provide the services of transit warehouses, transportation of cars, motorcycles, boats and motorboats, and much more.


We will free you from all exhausting headaches of the moving process – preparing, organizing, and carrying out the moving. Even changing your residence to a place just across the street can be full of stress, therefore we offer you appropriate and reasonable private belonging transportation services, the process of which you can control and manage at any moment, no matter if you are moving within the borders of your own country or if you are moving to any other country.


If we sum together the time wasted during the searching and purchasing of packaging materials, car rental costs, the valuable time of our friends and helpers, and express it all in financial terms – we understand that we surely can accomplish all of this more effectively. Besides – you can use the saved time and resources for other activities, wishes and necessities, which have a greater importance for you.


  • It’s quite easy and fast to transport a couch or chair, but we usually own more than a chair and a couch - imagine all the small things in the bathroom; the kitchen utensils, plates and dishes, pans; sets, and glassware from the dining room and kitchen shelves! Yes, they are all important for you and you wish to take them with you. Luckily you don’t have to think and worry about all those troubles - we will pack, transport and unpack all these things for you.
  • If you wish, you can take some days off and come back only when all your belongings will be already in the new place.
  • If you have some very personal items – things you don’t want to be touched by unfamiliar people, we can bring you all the necessary boxes of the right type and size so you can pack and transport these things just by yourself.
  • FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS activities and services are insured by civil liability insurance; moreover, we have all the necessary packing materials, equipment, and machinery to safely carry out works. Without previous experience the moving can be a quite tricky undertaking– the devil is in the details. Therefore we recommend using the services of professional companies.

When you are moving to another country, the FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS team will plan and organize in detail the relocation process and will control it from the very beginning until fully completing the works.


  • We understand that it’s not possible to compare your business to any other and that each service that we offer must meet your business requirements.
  • The continuity of the manufacturing process is very important and each office is also production. Therefore we organize the moving process in a way to ensure that your work process remains steady and interrupted. By planning in advance and using our established work procedures and management it is possible to complete the moving process quickly and in good quality, without interrupting the normal activities of your business.
  • Before moving we will deliver to your boxes and other necessary packing materials, which are needed for packing the “personal” items of each employee, and also the marking stickers necessary for the FF INTERNATIONAL team to precisely place the office resources and furniture in the new premises. Delivery is organized in the time most convenient for you.
  • For the moving to proceed professionally and smoothly, it is necessary to receive the planning of new premises with the new placement of workplaces.
  • For security reasons the entire personnel of FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS uses identification cards during the relocation, so your personnel and security staff can recognize them easily.


Not just the ordinary things are moved every day. Our experience allows us to find solutions for your specific requirements, and we are always ready for non-standard solutions, like for example:

  • packing and transporting of paintings, art, and antique items,
  • clearing customs procedures and completing permits,
  • piano and other large-size items moving.

Our specialized transportation and logistics are adapted and intended for transporting: expensive products, medical and laboratory equipment, modern technologies, art items, and exhibits, display units, fitness equipment, and many other expensive and fragile items.

Each offer is completed according to your unique wishes and the necessity of works to be carried out.



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