We offer multitude of services for moving your items quickly, conveniently, safely and in good quality. Choose the service you require:

  • Qualified moving consultation – while meeting with you, we will clarify your wishes, grasp the amount of work, and will help you to select the most suitable service, which will maximally match your requirements and budget.
  • Moving the personal belongings and offices – we will transport and place maximally everything that you need.
  • Moving the office resources and equipment, archivesand warehouses – in offices there are items, which generally do not belong to their users. We will move all the items with utmost accuracy and care, as they were our own belongings.
  • Packing and unpacking – we carry out the necessary packing with the same care and attitude as if they were our own items.
  • Item storage and warehouse services – short or long term storage of your belongings.
  • International and local moving – we will offer you the best solution for your requirements, no matter what is your chosen route or destination.
  • Pet service – we will relocate your furry four legged friends with special care and attention.
  • Moving the fine arts and antiques – we know the value of art items and we have available all the resources to help safely transport these highly valuable items.
  • Moving the special items – there are things that require special approach to transportation. We will offer the best and safest solutions for transporting special items.
  • Relocation services – preparing and organizing the relocation of your home, apartment, school or any other everyday infrastructure.
  • Insurance of items and transport – we recommend the most suitable insurance and carry out the paperwork for insuring your transported property.
  • Customs formalities and permissions – we will explain everything in detail about the nuances, requirements, limitations and conditions established by the state institutions of the country you are moving to.
  • Services of third persons – electrician, plumber, or even a fully staffed construction team – everything necessary for the moving to be without delays and interferences.

You can learn more about any of these services notonly from this website, but also by contacting us directly >>